NID Planning Session

On January 28th, 2016, approximately 30 K-12 educators from Mission Public School District met at Riverside College.  Our goal was to share input from our colleagues, gain a sense of direction and plan the framework for the upcoming Curriculum Non-Instructional Day, to be held on February 22nd.

As an icebreaker activity, we were asked to think about a child that we know and write down words or phrases that represent our hopes for what skills and attributes they would possess by the end of their K-12  journey.  The ideas have been thoughtfully composed into a word cloud (below) in three languages.

Yalh yexw kw’es hoy Pipte for translating our ideas into Halq’eméylem.

SD75 Word Cloud

On Wednesday February 17th our Teacher Facilitators are meeting once more to finalize plans for our February 22nd Curriculum Day.  Details regarding the framework for the day at each of the sites will be posted Wednesday afternoon.  Please see below for the venue for your grade or teaching area.

K-2 – Hillside Elementary School

2-4 – Edwin S. Richards School

4-6 – Albert McMahon School

7-9 – Hatzic Middle School

7-9 – École Heritage Park Middle School

K-6 Teacher Librarians – Windebank Library