Reflecting on Learning

Here are some highlights of  learning opportunities that were offered in Mission Public School District during the 2017/2018 school year:

Aboriginal Mentor teachers visited K-12 schools in Mission to ‘dive deeper’ into the resources and stories available on





Siwal Si’wes Siya Ye Yoyes group visited  the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre and learned about the UBC longhouse. Visit:  for digital resources.

Peggy Janicki, MPSD Indigenous Mentor teacher, has been working in K-12 schools and sharing resources:

Teacher Librarian Curriculum Highlights:

Click on the image below to see how K-12 school libraries are supporting the implementation of the redesigned curriculum.

Early Learning:

MPSD Early Learning Coordinator, Diana McCall, has supported Ready, Set, Learn, Welcome to Kindergarten, Empower Learning Series, Little Readers, visits from the Public Library and more!


Math Mentor Teacher, Rebekaah Stenner, has been supporting schools with JUMP Math and Building Thinking Classrooms:

Joyful Literacy:

Every Elementary school has sent a team of educators to a Joyful Literacy Summit.  In addition, 50 educators from six schools have embarked on a three year initiative and participated in 8 days of professional development with Dr. Janet Mort’s Joyful Literacy Interventions.

Approximately 600 students from these six schools will be going home with a summer reading packages to support the literacy skills they have been mastering this year!

Other Curriculum and Student Services Pro-D:

Visit the Pro-D page to see all of the workshops and learning sessions that were offered this year.