The’í:t qas Slilekwelelhlàt / National Day for Truth and Reconciliation:

Remembering the Children

hákw’elestset te’ stá:xwelh

Attend the National Truth and Reconciliation and Orange Shirt Day Event on Sept. 30:

This event is timely in that, as per the website XYÓLHMET YE SYÉWIQWÉLH (TAKING CARE OF OUR CHILDREN),  “Stó:lō Nation Chiefs’ Council (SNCC), under the leadership of Chief David Jimmie, President of the SNCC, launched a broad-based and inclusive initiative to investigate potential unmarked graves and missing children related to three of the former Residential School sites within S’ólh Téméxw.  This initiative includes the former St. Mary’s (Mission), Coqualeetza (Chilliwack), and All Hallows institution (Yale), in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.”

This work began in early September 2022 at St. Mary’s in Fraser River Heritage Park and will continue every Thursday and Friday of each week in September, as long as the weather cooperates (i.e., no heavy rain). As the rain impacts the accuracy of the equipment, the work will stop for the rainy months and resume in late Spring 2023. There are a few different sites within the former St. Mary’s grounds that will need to be investigated over the course of the next year or so. Once the work is complete a report will be generated and findings shared.

The event is presented in partnership by Siwal Si’wes Indigenous Education Advisory Council and Members of local Nations, including Sq’éwlets, Leq’á:mel, and Kwantlen.


Mental Health and Wellness Supports:


Resources and Support for Educators and Families:

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation:

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BCTF: Beyond September 30th: Doing the Work

Click here to access this document for all educators.


CBC Unreserved Article and Podcast with Murray Sinclair

Every Child Matters – Educator Guide
“Written by award-winning Indigenous author Monique Gray Smith, this magazine, which is based on the Seven Sacred Teachings, is aimed for students in grades 5–12 and is available in both English and French.
Each chapter teaches children about residential schools, Treaties, and the historic and current relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.
Accompanied by supplementary educational resources, the magazine is both a guide and a journal for young people as they explore their feelings, build confidence, and foster greater respect and empathy throughout their reconciliation journeys.”


“Content Warning (CW)/Trigger Warning (TW):  Viewers are advised that the following website may contain/contains images, names and voices of people who have passed away”.

K-12 Residential School Curriculum for SD75:
“The Elders would like all visitors to this website to know that “none of these teachings are forced upon you.  These lessons are not meant to offend but are offered with Respect, Honour and Trust”.
This entire Website and All learning resources are the result of the courageous efforts of Elders and Survivors. We Thank you for sharing the Truth with us!”

St. Mary’s Documentary – Content Warning:


Siwal Si’wes Library: Every Child Matters Collection

(features educator resources, websites, books available at Siwal Si’wes library, and more)


Halq’eméylem Phrases (k’was hoy to Brenda Pierre)

The’í:t qas Slilekwelelhlàt (Truth  and  (harmony + day)) / Truth and Reconciliation day

hákw’elestset te’ stá:xwelh / Remembering the children

Hi::kw te mekw’ stá:xwelh / Every child matters.

Shxwelistexw mekw’stl’itl’eqelh / Every child matters.

Éy kw’s hákw’elestset ye stá:xwelh / We remember our children.

Xwelmi:aytset / We are the future.

A’altha hí::kw / I matter.

Hi::kwtsel ta’a’altha! / I am important. I matter!


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