Teaching a K/1 split?  Click on the link below to see a guide that aligns JUMP resources for Kindergarten and Grade 1.

K/1 Guide

K-6 Mental Math Assessments: (New Draft October 12, 2017)


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4-6

Additional Recommended Resources:

Click on the image below to access Rebekaah Stenner’s presentation slides from September 22nd, 2017.


We have ordered a copy for every school library!



JUMP Math Projectables:

Throughout the 2017/2018 school year, K-6 teachers will receive Projectable lessons and units.  These require Notebook software and a projector to use.  SMARTboards are not required.

We are beginning with small pilot groups of teachers and have purchased one set of units for each grade at each school.  (French Immersion schools have a one grade set of English units and one set of French units.) Please see your administrator and follow the procedure for installing files.  Please note: the files are purchased for every teacher and cannot be shared.  Please take the time to read the licensing agreement. You may adapt the files for your classroom use, but we recommend saving the changes with a separate file name.

Successful installation of the JUMP Math Projectables for each grade looks like this:

Grade 1 (1.1 English)                                      Grade 1 (for French Immersion)

(1.2 release date is January 2018)


Grade 2 (2.1 English)                                           Grade 2 (for French Immersion)

(2.2 release date is January 2018)


Grade 3 (English)                                                         Grade 3 (for French Immersion)


Grade 4 (English)                                                          Grade 4 (for French Immersion)


Grade 5 (English)                                                             Grade 5 (for French Immersion)


Grade 6 (English)                                                                Grade 6 (for French Immersion)


Organizing Your Teacher Resources:
  1. Watch the following video by our Math Mentor Teacher, Rebekaah Stenner, to learn how to effectively organize your Teacher Resource. (This is a sample for the new edition of Grade 3.)

2. Use the BC K-8 Curriculum Correlations document to help select the units to teach.