School wide assessment kit and growth plan template for SEL

Executive-Function Skills:

Enhancing and Practicing Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills are developed through interactions and practice.

Check out these activity guides to support EF development from infancy to adolescence. 
Activities for 3-5 year-olds
Activities for 5-7 year-olds
Activities for 7-12 year-olds
Activities for Adolescents

UBC SEL Resource Finder:

SEL resource finder. Search by age, academic area, SEL focus area and more. Relevant tools for teachers.


Resources, Pro D and Research evidence

Resources and articles, SEL documents and presentations, Responses to Traumatic Events

Second Step:

Community building for children through SEL; lesson plans (cost)


Based out of US (cost)




Online social and emotional learning program (cost associated) some free pintables to use.

Social Thinking:

Various free resources (read aloud books and think sheets, articles on implementation and social skill instruction), online training (free webinars and paid courses) and classroom resources that can be purchases for all age groups.


Social Thinking Program that focusses on social awareness and self-regulation for kids ages 5-10 (cost)

Social Detective:

Social thinking that helps observations and social skills (cost)

Zones of Regulation:

(cost) (some resources can be downloaded free of charge, but an account (free) is required)

Joyful Beginnings SEL:

Resources, research and literature on why SEL is important and how to start. Article: 5 Ways to Reframe Social-Emotional Learning.


SEL activities with lesson plans and printable- free resources available

Talking with Trees: Social and Emotional Learning Activities for Elementary

Allows you to search by topic of interest and grade level (ex: empathy) and has lesson plans with worksheets, books to support topic, and more (no cost for lesson plans or resources. Some of the books are for purchase- however you can get most books online through a read aloud).

Go noodle:

Combines videos to help with movement and mindfulness with classroom activities.

Sanford Fit Resources:

fit is the Children’s Health Initiative from Sanford Health, developed to engage and empower children, families, and communities to make healthy lifestyle choices.

These free lessons integrate Health, CASEL, and PHE standards (US). They are 30 minute easy to teach lessons with printables, videos, etc.
They are organized around 4 Pillars = Recharge, Mood, Food, & Move

Zen Den Cosmic Kids:

Videos on Mindfulness and Relaxation

Big life journal:

Journaling has been shown to help with several SEL elements; the journals are based on creating a growth mindset in students (cost).

Big Heart Journey:

Videos of mindfulness and student worksheets.

Music For All: Teaching SEL through Music

Teach SEL through music a FREE online web series for music educators.

Apps for Mindfulness:

(anxiety and stress management) (cost)
(Free with some parts to purchase)

Breathe Kids:

(Free with missions for kids to launch with respect to their current mood.)


(Free from anxiety Canada)


ECE Cultural Competency Program:

A 5 part series of cultural competency video modules for Early Childhood Educators, which were created via a partnership between the Musqueam Nation, BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, City of Vancouver, Collingwood Neighbourhood House, and other community partners.

Identities and Beliefs

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority: Building Self-Identity

The Reflection In Me:

“A heartwarming family film sharing themes of love, acceptance, and having a positive self-image.”