1. BC’s Know-Do-Understand Curriculum Model:


Big Ideas (Understand):

Curricular Competencies and Content (Do/Know):

Core Competencies (Do): **Resources below added October 2019.** (Source:Learn Magazine)

Video 1: Introduction Page

This video explores the Introduction page on BC’s New Curriculum website, which provides an overview
of the three Core Competencies and explains the lifelong development of competence in these areas.

Video 2: Facets, Profiles and Connections

A Core Competency is made up of two or more sub-competencies, each of which contains smaller parts
such as facets, profiles and connections. This video reviews the three broad Core Competencies and their
sub-competencies and navigates through the Facets, Profiles and Connections tab for one of the subcompetencies.

Video 3: Illustrations

Illustrations are examples of how students have demonstrated their developing competence. These
examples can include student work samples, student and teacher reflections, interviews, teacher
observations, learning stories, photos and videos. This video explores the Illustrations tab of a subcompetency.

Video 4: Resources

Several resources have been developed to support Core Competency development. This video identifies
what has been made available to teachers on the Resources page.

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