Reporting Policy Updates:

           K-12 Student Reporting Policy Information for Educators

Recommended Resources:

The Right Question Institute: The Question Formulation Technique, created by the Right Question Institute, is a simple yet powerful strategy to teach students how to formulate their own questions. Learn the Question Formulation Technique today, facilitate the strategy tomorrow, and watch students become more curious, engaged learners.

Click here for additional resources and videos connected to the book.

“Teachers in most schools are required to provide letter grades—even if they are philosophically opposed to the practice. In Rethinking Letter Grades, the authors offer a practical five-step process for arriving at letter grades that moves away from collecting a string of marks and calculating a grade. They examine a wide variety of assessment tools (rating scales, scoring keys, rubrics, test scores, observation records, discussion notes, symbols, portfolio collections, and more) and match the student evidence with a description of achievement. This description presents a valid picture of student achievement—one that recognizes all aspects of student performance.” (Source: Portage and Main Press)

Learning Map Information and resources:

Shelley Moore K-12 Learning Map Samples

Surrey English Teachers’ Association: Gr. 8-12 Assessment Exemplars

Sample Assessment Templates:  (Thanks to the schools and school districts who have shared these with us!)

See our Competencies page for resources specific to the Core Competencies.

Sample Rubrics and Organizers:

Edutopia: 40 Reflective Questions

Galileo Educational Network Inquiry and Assessment resources:

Alberta Resource (Rockyview Schools):

Ways to Demonstrate Understanding: Possible Products

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