Why Change?

  1. To honour and respect Indigenous ways of knowing and learning.

FPPL_French        First Peoples Principles of Learning

First Peoples Principles of Learning Introductory Video:  Laura Tait

Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom:  Moving Forward

Aboriginal WorldviewsResponsive Schools

Attributes of Responsive Schooling:  “Themes that emerged from the gatherings serve as organizers for the insights and ideas presented in this document. This circle graphic represents them, showing how themes identified with respect to the attributes of responsive schooling address and complement the themes associated with characteristics of Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives” (Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives in the Classroom, 2015,page 9)

Aboriginal Worldviews and Perspectives Workshop Training Template: “This PowerPoint presentation was created as a training template to support educators in BC through professional development workshops and to supplement the resource booklet.

2.    Education for the 21st Century

The Educated Citizen – Mission Statement (all curriculum work was grounded in the educated citizen document)


Curriculum Redesign:  Frequently Asked Questions


Educator Update: K-9 Curriculum (August 2016) (FAQs, detailed course codes)

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