Accessing the Curriculum Documents:

Building Student Success:  BC Curriculum Home Page


For Families: Your Kid’s Progress

K-9 Curriculum and Elaborations:  (all subject areas, finalized August 2016)


Grade 10-12 Redesigned curriculum: (Updated May 2018)

Grade 10 curriculum is finalized and available in PDF and Word on the Ministry of Education Curriculum Website.  HTML versions will be available by June 29, 2018.  Watch for Grade 10 French translations and Grade 11 and 12 curriculum, which will be posted as it is completed.  All will be posted by June 29, 2018.  Grade 11-12 French translations will be posted by early September 2018

(See our MPSD Self-Paced Guide for assistance accessing, navigating and organizing the redesigned curriculum.)

Graduation Years Program Information:

Assessment Documents:

New Foundation Skills Assessment (June 2017)

Educator Update: Classroom Assessment (March, 2017)

Supporting the Self-Assessment and Reporting of Core Competencies (Draft) (March, 2017)

Reporting Student Progress (Grades K-9): Guidelines for School Districts (October 2016)

Interim Ministerial Order on Student Reporting (Released July, 2016)

Revised Educational Program Guide Order (Released August, 2016)

Revised Student Progress Report Order (Released August, 2016)

Principles of Quality Assessment

BC’s K-12 Digital Literacy Framework:

BC's Digital Literacy Framework

Core Competency Documents:

Each of the core competencies are listed below.   Click anywhere on the graphic to go to the Core Competency page on the BC Curriculum site.  Each core competency has sample illustrations of student work.  We have also included direct links to the complete profile documents for each core competency below (in English and French). 



Complete Core Competency Profiles:


Communication Competency Profile (English)

Communication Competency Profile (French)




Creative Thinking Competency Profile (English)

Creative Thinking Competency Profile (French)



Critical Thinking Competency Profile (English)

Critical Thinking Competency Profile (French)

Personal Social


Positive Personal & Cultural Identity Competency Profile (English)

Positive Personal & Cultural Identity Competency Profile (French)

Personal Social


Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency Profile (English)

Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency Profile (French)

Personal Social


Social Responsibility Competency Profile (English)

Social Responsibility Competency Profile (French)

Tip Sheet: Accessing Core Competency Documents

Tip Sheet: Using the Language of Thinking

See our Competencies page for new resources and templates for self-assessing the Core Competencies.



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