Core Competencies 

Video 1: Introduction Page
This video explores the Introduction page on BC’s New Curriculum website, which provides an overview of the three Core Competencies and explains the lifelong development of competence in these areas.

Video 2: Facets, Profiles and Connections
A Core Competency is made up of two or more sub-competencies, each of which contains smaller parts such as facets, profiles and connections. This video reviews the three broad Core Competencies and their sub-competencies and navigates through the Facets, Profiles and Connections tab for one of the sub-competencies.

Video 3: Illustrations
Illustrations are examples of how students have demonstrated their developing competence. These examples can include student work samples, student and teacher reflections, interviews, teacher observations, learning stories, photos and videos. This video explores the Illustrations tab of a sub competency.

Link to Illustrations page on Ministry of Education Curriculum site.

Video 4: Resources
Several resources have been developed to support Core Competency development. This video identifies what has been made available to teachers on the Resources page.

  • See Documents page for details about each of the sub-competencies, posters and more. (Updated November 2019.)

**New 2023 MPSD Core Competency Documents and Profiles**.  See 2023 Assessment – MPSD Templates.

(Thank you to the districts sharing these resources online.) These might be useful to display in your class or use as a reference tool for planning learning experiences.

Sample Assessments/Teaching Resources: 

Locally Developed Resources: June 2020 (MPSD Curriculum Team)

Additional Templates/Resources:

(Thank you to the districts sharing these resources online.)

Click on the links below to see suggested resources for each of the core competencies.


Communication Resources


Thinking Resources

Personal Social

Personal and Social Resources

MPSD Adapted Presentation: Click on the image below to access information about meaningful student self-assessment of the core competencies.

(Original Source: Pat Horstead & Curriculum/Assessment Network, November 29th, 2016)


District Resources:


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