Assessment Literacy (**New: September 2018**, Source: Ministry of Education)

Framework for Classroom Assessment

Classroom Assessment Resource Package: ELA K-9

Classroom Assessment Resource Package: Math K-9

Classroom Assessment Resource Package: Science K-9

Classroom Assessment Resource Package: Social Studies K-9



Literacy and Numeracy Graduation Assessments (BCPVPA Series, October 2017):

Graduation Numeracy Assessment (Final Design Specifications) (2017)

Classroom Assessment and Reporting (BCPVPA Series, October 2017):

New Foundation Skills Assessment (June 2017)

Discussion Paper: Graduation Assessments (Literacy & Numeracy) (January 2017)

BC Ministry of Education: Transforming Assessment (March 2017)

BC’s K-12 Assessment System (refreshed webpages) (March 2017)

Educator Update: Classroom Assessment (March 2017)

Supporting the Self-Assessment and Reporting of Core Competencies (March 2017)

New Foundation Skills Assessment (description, explanation, samples, Q&A) (November 2016)

Reporting Student Progress (Grades K-9): Guidelines for School Districts (October 2016)

BC Ministry of Education: Your Kid’s Progress (released October, 2016)

Advisory Group on Provincial Assessment: Final Report

Revised Educational Program Guide Order (Released August, 2016)

Revised Student Progress Report Order (Released August, 2016)

Interim Ministerial Order on Student Reporting (Released July, 2016)

Principles of Quality Assessment


Here is some inspiration from Peter H. Reynolds, author of ‘The Dot’, ‘Ish’ and more, as we begin conversations about redesigning assessment strategies…

“This is my gift to educators to remind them to follow their instincts and remember why they got into teaching in the first place: to see the potential in every child, to nurture those emerging gifts and talents, and to change lives”.  (Source: Fablevision Blog Post, 2014)

Dr. Lynn Erickson is an author and private consultant assisting schools and districts around the world with understanding the power of concept-based curriculum and instruction and its effects on learning. While consulting with the Curriculum and Assessment Branch in the Ministry of Education in 2012, Pat Horstead interviewed Lynn Erickson about her ideas. (Source: Instructional samples, BC Ministry of Education)



Assessment of English Language Learners (2014): “Featuring Dr. Lorraine Valdez Pierce, discussing effective classroom strategies for assessing English language learners.”

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