Why are the early years important?

“The development of personal awareness and responsibility begins within families and communities before students enter formal schooling”.

(Source: Personal Awareness and Responsibility Competency, Province of BC, 2015)



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Fraser Valley Child Development Centre

The Learning Partnership: Welcome to Kindergarten


Welcome to Kindergarten: Early Learning Resources

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Early Learning Centre: (November 2016)  Edmark House Series | ERAC

ERAC has entered into this agreement in order to provide The Edmark House series at no charge to the K-12 education sector. ERAC’s evaluators reviewed the series and gave it a positive evaluation. The series helps to assist young learners in building basic skills, both prior to their entering the school system and throughout their primary years of learning development.

This agreement includes the following components:

  • Early Reading with Bailey’s Book House
    Through nine playful activities, students can learn about letter names and sounds, rhyming words, adjectives, how text relates to contextual and visual clues, positional words, letter recognition, sentence building, and much more. These activities help students build language concepts and thinking skills they need to communicate and make sense of the world around them.
  • Exploring Numbers with Millie’s Math House
    Students build a foundation of fundamental math concepts and thinking skills. Through activities that feel like play, students explore numbers, shapes, sizes, quantities, patterns, and sequencing. New activities address measurement concepts and number sentences.
  • Life Sciences with Sammy’s Science House
    Sammy helps young scientists build their understanding of biology and time concepts with two new modules that explore stages of plant development over time, and look at how different animals age. All seven modules focus on discovering how to think like a scientist—learning how to observe, analyze, and test theories.
  • Social Sciences with Trudy’s Time & Place House
    Students will expand their knowledge of the world around them through new modules that allow them to visit and compare cities, towns, and the countryside. With Trudy’s new jobs module, students can learn about people in the community and what they do. Students will also build their understanding of traveling by working with already well-loved landmark activities, cardinal and relative direction, and map symbols.

These titles are supported by corresponding print materials such as lesson plans, print activities (both in-class and take-home) and teacher guides. These are available on the web in PDF file format for downloading, printing and use, as required. All four titles in The Edmark House series have been aligned to the current Provincial learning outcomes, where possible.